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Kung Pao Madness

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Veggie Paradise

Kung Pao Madness

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Kung Pao Madness (300g)

It's simply madness how addictive these meatless Kung Pao Chick*n is. This traditional and spicy delicacy is complex in flavour and can be further accentuated by the addition of crushed peanuts and fresh peppercorn.**

**Kung Pao Madness does not contain any peanuts.

 Ingredients: non-GMO soy fibre, water, soy sauce, non-GMO soy protein, soybean oil, tapioca starch, wheat protein, maltose, raw cane sugar, sea salt, dried chili pepper, white pepper, yeast paste, corn starch, natural seasoning.

Contains: Soy, Wheat

300g bag

Thaw package, heat up in microwave or add to any stove top dish or stir fry during the heating stage.
Excellent addition to rice, mixed vegetable or noodle dishes.
Chop up into smaller pieces and add to pizza as a topping. 

*Product of Taiwan 
 Packaged in Canada