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Ginger Chili Infusion

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Ginger Chili Infusion



Ginger Chili Infusion 300g

"A delicious chili sauce infused with hints of ginger combine for a meatless Chick*n stir-fry of a lifetime! Add your favourite vegetables, some fresh basil and julienned ginger and get wok-ing to impress your family and friends."

Ingredients: non-GMO soy fibre, water, soybean oil, non-GMO soy protein, tapioca starch, wheat protein, maltose, soy sauce, raw cane sugar, sea salt, sesame oil, ginger, chili pepper, white pepper powder, natural seasoning.

*Contains soy and wheat.

300g bag

Thaw package, heat up in microwave or add to any stove top dish or stir fry during the heating stage. Excellent addition to rice, mixed vegetable or noodle dishes. Chop up into smaller pieces and add to pizza as a topping!

Nutritional Information
per 75g
Calories            260    13%
Fat                     15g    23%
     Sat Fat           4g     20% 
Sodium           590mg  25%
Carbohydrate   23g   
    Fibre               4g
    Sugars            5g
Protein                9g 
Vitamin A                    0%
Vitamin C                    0%
Calcium                       6%
Iron                              6%  

*Product of Taiwan 
 Packaged in Canada