Everland Chocolate Hazelnut 113g

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  • Everland Chocolate Hazelnut  113g


Everland Chocolate Hazelnut 113g

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Love the taste of chocolate hazelnuts, but not the guilt? We know the struggle (trust us). Everland's organic dark chocolate hazelnuts are just what you've been searching for!

These 70% dark chocolate hazelnuts are the marriage of decadent Fairtrade dark chocolate and flavourful roasted hazelnuts. Made in Vancouver, Canada with pure organic ingredients only and NO refined sugar or other nasties, these chocolate hazelnuts are 100% vegan and a dream-come-true for those looking for a satisfying midday snack or post-workout reward.

Why Fair Trade chocolate?

We choose Fairtrade because it provides fair compensation for our farmers, supporting their healthcare, economic well-being, and their children's education. These dark chocolate hazelnuts are here to make you happy and do good for our community.


Organic & non-GMO
No Shellac
Made in Vancouver, Canada by Everland, a Canadian family company
Comes in a convenient resealable bag!

Natural dry roasted hazelnut, dark chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavour)

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